Venus Factor Review. Does it Work?

The Venus Factor System Review

If you are one of so many women who struggle to lose weight and it has left you feeling hopeless and like a failure, you can just put a smile back on your face right now, because the Venus Factor system is here! This weight-loss plan is designed to work exclusively with the female body. By focusing on the factors and specifics that pertain to women and their bodies, how they work, how they store and burn fat, etc, the Venus Factor system is able to deliver effective and permanent results.

Read on to learn more about this innovative new weight-loss plan that has everyone raving:


The Venus Factor program was created by John Barban, a certified fitness coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy and Nutrition from the University of Florida. Following years of real-life experience as a fitness coach, analyzing scientific findings and incorporating his own ideas, John developed a system specifically aligned with the female system, metabolism, etc, in order to produce effective weight-loss results every time.



The Venus Factor Program is a comprehensive system of weight loss that combines an exercise program with levels of increasing intensity to ensure that the body does not become “comfortable” and plateau, with a selection of delicious recipes designed to aid in weight loss while maintaining energy levels and never scrimping on flavor and satisfaction.

The 12-week program is gaining popularity due to the fact that results are visible almost immediately. This occurs because the program is formulated to take into consideration the specific fact that the female body assimilates food and nutrients in specific ways and then responds differently to various physical exercises. The program also pinpoints the various foods and beverages that are the most detrimental to the female system so that they can be avoided. Not surprisingly, this list includes excess carbohydrates, refined sugars, soda, and alcohol.



As a female, it is important to understand that all weight gain is not due to poor eating habits or lack of  physical activity. Many women watch what they eat and exercise regularly, and they are still unable to lose weight. The culprit is a hormone in the female body called Leptin. A woman’s ability to burn off excess body fat is determined by her sensitivity to this hormone.

As a woman ages, and particularly after child-bearing, her body naturally becomes more resistant to Leptin. As a result, the body’s ability to burn fat decreases, causing it to accumulate. The Venus Factor system is designed to combat this change with a specialized diet and exercise regimen.

The secret to the success of the Venus Factor System lies in it’s unique formulation designed specifically to work with a woman’s body. Women accumulate excess weight in different amounts and in different areas of the body than men do, so it stands to reason that the same weight-loss methods will not work for both.

This program targets the areas of a woman’s body that grab and hold unwanted fat most easily: the hips, thighs, and stomach. Of course the exercise regimen has full-body benefits, but there are specialized exercises included to blast the excess pounds from these specific areas.





Venus Factor System


The Venus Factor weight loss system includes all of the following:


• The Venus Factor Nutritional Guidelines: This comprehensive guide contains detailed information on menu foods, diet protocol, meal planning, and calorie counting.

• The Venus Factor Workout Guidelines: This guide book outlines the various exercises you will be performing throughout the 12-week program, the areas of the body they target, and how to properly perform each one for maximum results.

• Access to over 130 online videos and workout demos to keep you motivated and answer all of your questions. Best of all, these videos are available to you at your convenience, any time, anywhere, so you can work out when and where you want to.

• Software Assistance: A Virtual Nutritionist app to calculate and keep track of the number of calories you consumed versus your target calorie count.

• Venus Factor Social Forums: You will be welcomed into the online Venus Immersion community where you can chat and interact with other ladies who are using the Venus Factor plan as well as those who have succeeded at reaching their weight loss goals and are excited to share with you their tips and advice to help you succeed too!

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